Recognizing & assisting America's makers

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Our Initiatives

MADE: In America has dedicated itself to helping American businesses have the tools and recognition they need to compete. Thanks to our many partners, we're able to sustain successful initiatives and support companies the best way we can! 


The All American House

The All American House brings teams of student designers and select American furniture manufacturers together to create immersive design experiences for the masses in the context of an iconic American home. 

Each installation features companies that have been selected for their quality, attention to detail and design, and utilizes a raw materials mix that is at least 80% sourced from the U.S.A. 

American Treasures Culinary experiences 

Each year ushers in a new class of farmers, foragers, & craft producers whose exemplary products are showcased through a series of culinary experiences by the nation's premier chefs and bartenders. 

Tell Your American Story on America's Main Street 

MADE: In America is bringing manufacturing and American products to the forefront of the national conversation by partnering with Fortune 500 companies and exploring their American Story. The fabric of this country is woven together by the sweat of those who dreamed big and persevered -- we believe that still rings true today. 


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