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Carroll Mansion
Baltimore, Maryland

MADE: In America
Washington, DC 20002

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mia BEST award 328

 EFLM BEST madeinamerica 2013

Made in America. There was a time when America was an amazing nation of manufacturers of many of the leading products in the world. In fact, America was the leading manufacturer in the world in many areas of production. If a product said “Made in America”, you were assured of quality and reliability. And while Made In America was at times a bit on the pricey side, it was worth it. Then, gradually, that changed, and at some point Made In America became too expensive, and made -in -everywhere else became popular. Asia took over, and suddenly everything was much less expensive, but the quality suffered. As an example, I suppose, my wife and I bought dark green Adirondack Chairs from a venerable American store (you have heard of them!) and while in storage over the winter they all rotted and grew significant quantities of strange gray mushrooms all over every part of the chairs! We thought that since the store was a famous American brand, so would be our chairs. We were mistaken, and longed for the days when American quality, even if expensive, was at least available!

Well, throughout all of this ebb and flow of American manufacturing, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman kept on making very high quality furniture in North Carolina, not for retail but for interior designers. Beautiful upholstery, fabulous occasional tables. EF+LM shipped those upholstery orders in 3 weeks as promised, as the company still does today. Apparently, someone noticed. Our company has just been awarded the award "BEST: Made in America 2013". It is nice to see an award like this go to a small fine furniture manufacturer that prides itself on quality value and service each and every day.

Try us. Shouldn’t your clients get the best that America has to offer? For 2013 at any rate, that is Edward Ferrell+ Lewis Mittman. To-The Trade and American Made.


Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman | 685 Southwest Street | High Point, NC 27260 | 336-841-3028 |